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Aeration & Seeding

Grain Valley aeration
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What is Included

Aeration includes a single pass core aeration of your entire lawn, we can make a 2nd pass if requested. 

Seeding includes 4.5-5.5lbs of Premium, Blue Tag, Lateral Spreading, Turf-Type Fescue Seed per 1000sq ft of Lawn. 


Aeration - $140 and up

Aeration & Seed - $250 and up

2nd Pass - $60 and up

At the Right Time

Timing is critical for aeration & seeding. Too early and it'll get burnt up, too late and it won't make it through winter. 

Watering your new seeds is also important. You will be given instructions on how to water to achieve the best results. 

Convenient Online Invoicing

We send invoices by email. You can then pay via card, or mail a check and we will mark as paid when received. 

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